Amiga Power: The Album With Attitude

Amiga Power: The Album With Attitude
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A double-CD collection of Amiga game music remixes, inspired by the mightiest computer games magazine ever conceived by human beings.

The production of this album was funded through a crowdfunding campaign organized via Kickstarter by album producer, author and designer Matthew Smith. Thanks to all backers who helped to make this album a reality!

35 Tracks In Total

  • 1-1
    Sensible World Of Soccer: Goal Scoring Superstar Hero

    Composed by Jon Hare & Richard Joseph, Remixed by Sami Arola

  • 1-2
    Lotus Turbo Challenge 2

    Composed and remixed by Barry Leitch

  • 1-3
    Apidya: Sewer's Blast

    Composed and remixed by Chris Huelsbeck

  • 1-4
    Pinball Fantasies: Party Land

    Composed and remixed by Olof Gustafsson

  • 1-5
    Monster Business

    Composed by John Tonnard & Laurens Tummers, Remixed by Jeroen Tel

  • 1-6
    Speedball 2 (Movie Mix)

    Composed by Simon Rogers, Remixed by Allister Brimble

  • 1-7

    Composed by Timm Engels, Remixed by Fabian Del Priore

  • 1-8
    Hired Guns

    Composed by Brian Johnston, Remixed by Mike Clarke

  • 1-9
    Cannon Fodder: Narcissus

    Composed by Jon Hare, Remixed by Andrew Barnabas & Jon Hare

  • 1-10
    The Chaos Engine

    Composed and remixed by Joi

  • 1-11
    Shadow Fighter

    Composed and remixed by Fabio Cicciarello

  • 1-12
    Fantasy World Dizzy

    Composed and remixed by Allister Brimble

  • 1-13
    Guardian CD32

    Composed by Phillip Blake, Remixed by Tim Wright

  • 1-14

    Composed by Anders Bukh, Remixed by Instant Remedy

  • 1-15
    Super Skidmarks

    Composed and remixed by Anthony Milas

  • 1-16
    Bill's Tomato Game

    Composed and remixed by Mike Clarke

  • 1-17
    Harlequin: The Clock Tower (Atom & The Molecule Mix)

    Composed and remixed by Barry Leitch

  • 2-1
    Gravity Power

    Composed by Chris Huelsbeck

  • 2-2

    Composed by Martin Schjøler, Remixed by Brian Sadler

  • 2-3
    Attack Of The Green Smelly Aliens From Planet 27b/6

    Composed and remixed by Alex May

  • 2-4
    Deluxe Pac-Man: Overture

    Composed and remixed by Jogeir Liljedahl

  • 2-5
    Scorched Tanks: Horizon's Edge

    Composed by Eric Gieseke ("Sidewinder"), Remixed by Tim Wright

  • 2-6
    Nipper Versus The Kats

    Composed and remixed by Jason Page

  • 2-7
    Willy In The Castle Of Dreams

    Composed and remixed by Alistair Bowness

  • 2-8

    Composed by Martin Iveson, Remixed by Fabian Del Priore

  • 2-9
    Tetris Pro: Digital E-Motions

    Composed by Marco van Steen ("Sid"), Remixed by Patrick Nevian

  • 2-10
    Jetstrike CD32: Drop The Bomb

    Composed and remixed by Adam Fothergill

  • 2-11
    Stardust Tunnel

    Composed by Risto Vuori ("Rib"), Remixed by Tim Wright

  • 2-12
    Fire & Ice: Christmas With Cool Coyote

    Composed and remixed by Jason Page

  • 2-13
    Deluxe Galaga: The Alibi

    Composed by Thomas Egeskov Petersen ("Laxity"), Remixed by Jogeir Liljedahl

  • 2-14
    Top Secret

    Composed and remixed by Carl Jermy

  • 2-15

    Composed by Kevan Stannard, Remixed by Allister Brimble

  • 2-16
    Super Tennis Champs

    Composed by Oliver Bell, Remixed by Instant Remedy

  • 2-17
    No Second Prize

    Composed and remixed by Matthias Steinwachs

  • 2-18
    It's A Skull

    Composed by Paul Hamilton, Remixed by Jeroen Tel

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