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The jolt of the landing jets, a piercing whine rapidly descending in pitch. The troopers off load. They are Cyborg Class 2-A, approved to carry heavy engery waepons and tactical missles for off-world combat.

Every battle means fresh news injuries, every lost limb a gleaming cybernetic replacement, to make them better, faster and stronger. This is the proving ground of Rotox.Specially constructed landscapes in deepest space provide a nightmare environment of deadly machines and hostile life forms.

Mistakes are fatal, but success will lead Rotox to the high powered weaponry he needs to escape.

    Survive and you will build yourselb into a lethal fighting maschine. Fail and your soul will wander the galaxy forever.

    • 10 levels, each with differnet theme which must be cleared before Rotox can proceed to the next level
    • Stunning state of the art graphics and music
    • Initially armed with only a lazer gun, Rotox must find extra weapons as he battles through the levels.
    • Weapons include scatter bomb, grenade, launchers, jet packs (lets you fly other sections on the same level, but wtch out you don't crash - your fuel is limited), head seeking missles home in on your enemy
    • Features unique 360 rotating landscape technique

    System requirements

    • Amiga with OCS chipset or higher
    • more than 512 kb Fastram
    • Kickstart 1.2 or higher

    Product Features

    Software works on ...Software works on...:Classic AmigaSoftware works on classic Amiga

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