Amijeweled RTG

Amijeweled RTG
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Products description

Amijeweled RTG bases on the often adopted principle to build lines of objects of the same kind, obeying certain rules to achieve this.
Here you are faced with wunderful sparkling, colourful diamonds, which should be formed to columns or rows by swapping them with their neighbour diamond to receive points (and perhaps more time). You can swap the diamonds horizontally or vertically, it is not possible to swap them diagonally. If you achieve a column or row of three or more diamonds by swapping the diamonds, the line or row will vanish, the rows above will fall down into the gap and new diamonds will appear in the top of the playfield.

Amijeweled requires

  • Amiga® or compatible Computer running AmigaOS® 3.1 or better
  • 68030 CPU/50MHz
  • 8 MB Fast RAM
  • Picasso96-/CyberGraphX-compatible video card with min. 2MB video RAM
  • Picasso96 V2.0 or CyberGraphX V4
  • AHI V4 audio software with Paula sound, chosen for unit 0
  • Screenmode with 15Bit colour depth (resolution min. 512 * 512 Pixel)
  • Mouse
  • CD ROM drive for the CD ROM version of Amijeweled


  • 68060 CPU/50MHz
  • 32 MB Fast RAM or more
  • Picasso96-/CyberGraphX-compatible video card with 4 MB video RAM or more and the most recent version of Picasso96/CyberGraphX
  • Screenmode with 16Bit colour depth or higher
  • AHI-compatible sound card and the most recent version of AHI with 8 voices using the sound card driver, chosen for unit 0

Amijeweled was tested carefully using 68K systems running AmigaOS3.x and PPC driven systems running AmigaOS4 final update. Alternative operating systems were not tested explicitely because we do not own one of them, but Amijeweled should run on these systems, too, as long as an emulation for 68020 CPU or better is provided and compatibility to AmigaOS3.x is given.

Amijeweled runs on 68020, too, but the speed is not likely high enough to play it smoothly on these machines.

Product Features

Software works on ...Software works on...:Classic AmigaSoftware works on classic Amiga, PPC AmigaSoftware läuft auf einem PPC-Amiga (AmigaOS 4.1)

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