Vampire 1200 V2 accelerator board

Vampire 1200 V2 accelerator board
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Vampire 1200 V2 accelerator board
Vampire 1200 V2 accelerator board
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Manufacturer: Apollo Accelerators
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Products description

Vampire 1200 in version 2 is one of the fastest turbo cards for the Amiga 1200. The heart of Vampire is an FPGA with Apollo core, which can display a code-compatible Motorola M68K processor. The 68080 thus reaches the multiple speed of a 68060. The following values were determined with SysInfo: 153.71 MIPS / 81.67 MFLOPS / 147255 Dhrystones.

Furthermore, the system contains a SAGA GFX core with which the Amiga can display 24/32bit Truecolor in a resolution up to 1920 x 1080 pixels and output it via digital output (HDMI) to a TFT monitor. An ENC28J60 connector for network module and a 44-pin IDE port with a transfer rate of up to 14 MB/s complete the system.

. Technical specification
  • Apollo 68080, AMMX, 64-bit support (up to 250MHz 68060a)
  • 128 MB fast memory
  • FastKick (Maprom)
  • Video: RTG
    • Truecolor 32-bit, up to a resolution of 1280×720@60Hz / 1920×1080@24Hzb
    • 8bit/15bit/16bit/24bit/32bit support
    • Hardware acceleration when playing videos
  • External ports:
    • Digital Video Out via HDMI
    • Micro SD card for data exchange with camera or PC etc.
  • Internal ports:
    • 44-pin FastIDE/CompactFlash controller up to 14 MB/s
    • Ethernet Module Connector
    • JTAG socket
    • Expansion Socket

Scope of delivery

  • Vampire 1200 V2 accelerator
  • Instruction
2 years warranty

Product Features

Hardware suited for ...Hardware suited for ...:Amiga 1200Amiga 1200

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