IDE4 Z2 Controller for Amiga 2000

IDE4 Z2 Controller for Amiga 2000
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Products description

IDE4 Z2 is a Gayle compatible 4 unit IDE controller, designed for Amiga 2000. It supports 4 IDE devices on two ports (primary and secondary). Without any additional driver the primary port is active (Kickstart 2.05+ is required). IDEfix driver is required to enable the second port or to use a CD / DVD device (the default scsi.device in ROM doesn't support it).

CF master / slave mode is selectable via a jumper. A connector for IDE activity LED is also available. The controller is RDB compatible: HDToolBox and HDInstTools can be used for disk partitioning. Large drives are supported with IDEfix + HDInstTools + PFS filesystem combination.

The board comes in beautiful green color and golden edge connector contacts for maximal reliability.

The card position is marked with REAR and FRONT silkscreen texts for proper mechanical installation.


Be careful when installing the ide4 controller card!

Compatibility list, tested hardware in Amiga 2000

  • Accelerator cards
    • Blizzard 2040 (OK)
    • Blizzard 2060 (OK)
    • GVP G-Force 030 (Impact A2000-030 Combo Series II) (OK*)
    • GVP TekMagic 2060 (OK)
    • Commodore A2620 (OK)
    • Commodore A2630 (OK)
    • Fusion Forty 040 (fastkick conflict)
    • Apollo 2030 (conflict)
  • Graphics cards
    • Village Tronic Picasso II (OK)
    • MNT VA2000 (OK)
  • Sound cards
    • Sunrize Industries AD516 sound card (OK)
  • HDD controllers
    • GVP Impact A2000HC SCSI controller (OK)
    • Commodore A2090A SCSI controller (conflict)
    • BSC Tandem IDE card (OK)
    • Next Generation (Kronos II) (OK)
  • Network cards
    • A2065 Ethernet interface (OK)
    • X-Surf Ethernet interface (OK)
    • X-Surf 100 Ethernet interface (OK)
  • RAM cards
    • Commodore A2058 2, 4, 8 MB (OK)
  • Other cards
    • BSC / Alfa Data MultiFaceCard 3 parallel port (OK)
    • Commodore A2088T PC emulator (OK)
    • RapidRoad USB controller (OK)

*GVP G-Force 030 SCSI ROM conflicts with the Gayle IDE controller. If the SCSI ROM is disabled (J9 open), the system is booting, but the GVP FastRAM is not added to the free memory pool. Unfortunately this card doesn't use the standard free memory chunk addition method via an autoconfig structure; instead it uses an Exec call from it's ROM.

Autoaddram or other tools are still usable for configuring the GVP FastRAM from $100000.

Product Features

Hardware suited for ...Hardware suited for ...:Amiga 2000Amiga 2000

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