ZuluSCSI RP2040 - SCSI to SD adapter

ZuluSCSI RP2040 - SCSI to SD adapter
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ZuluSCSI RP2040 is a new member of the ZuluSCSI product family and is equipped with the RP2040 microcontroller dual-core ARM Cortex M0+ processor with 133MHz from the Raspberry Pi Foundation. uEr supports synchronous and asynchronous transfers with read speeds of up to eight megabytes per second. To achieve the maximum speed, the SCSI controller must be operated with FAST SCSI in synchronous mode.

ZuluSCSI is a new generation of file-based SCSI hard disk and CD-ROM drive emulators. ZuluSCSI emulates a SCSI-I or SCSI-2 hard disk using an SD memory card. Hard disk and CD-ROM drive images are stored on a standard FAT32 or exFAT formatted SD card. It merges SCSI2SD V5, V6 and concepts of other open source emulation firmware into one adapter.

With this adapter, you can use inexpensive SD cards instead of an expensive SCSI device. It is very compatible with a wide range of SCSI controllers. Among them are Amiga motherboard controllers, but also third-party Amiga controllers like the A590 or the Blizzard/Cyberstorm SCSI controllers. In addition, the adapter is also compatible with SCSI controllers from Atari, Apple, PC, keyboards/samplers, CNC machines, scientific instruments etc. that adhere to the SCSI standard. A list of already tested devices can be found here.

  • 8-bit single-ended SCSI 50-pin internal IDC connector
  • Maximum read speed with ZuluSCSI RP2040 can be up to 8 megabytes/second with a suitable SCSI controller
  • ZuluSCSI uses the same SCSI command processing code as SCSI2SD V6, compatibility with almost all devices that speak both SCSI-1 and SCSI-2 is extremely high. Emulates up to 7 SCSI devices simultaneously, including CD-ROM.
  • Supports both SCSI-1 and SCSI-2
  • SCSI termination is controlled via DIP switches
  • Highly configurable with a text-based ini file, zuluscsi.ini
  • External LED header for connection of external LEDs.
  • Designed to be powered via SCSI termination power when provided by the host
  • Optional DB25 header for direct connection of an external SCSI connector, in addition to the 50-pin IDC connector with one end
  • Identical dimensions and mounting holes as SCSI2SD V5.1, V5.2 and V6, making it compatible with many existing SCSI2SD-specific mounting solutions
  • 74LVTH125 SCSI Bus Transceiver
  • Easy firmware upgrade; as simple as putting a file on the SD card.

2 years warranty

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Hardware suited for ...Hardware suited for ...:Amiga 2000Amiga 2000, Amiga 3000Amiga 3000, Amiga 4000Amiga 4000

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ZuluSCSI V1.2 - SCSI to SD adapter
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