Paula Agnus Denise

Paula Agnus Denise
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Paula Agnus Denise
Paula Agnus Denise
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Audio-CD in Super Jewel Box, 19 tracks, 79 minutes

You're welcome to (pre)order the CD at a price of 14.95 Euro as of now! It will be released May 6th.

Paula Agnus Denise - Best of Amiga and CD32 Video Game Music  is a compilation of remastered and remixed soundtracks of videogame music from the Commodore Amiga, one of the most popular home computers of the early 1990s. Translated into today's studio recordings, this compilation celebrates the catchy melodies of legendary games which have been released during 1989-1994. Numerous classics are waiting to be newly discovered, such as Shadow of the Beast, Pinball Dreams, Turrican 2, Alien Breed, Lotus Turbo Challenge 2, Cannon Fodder, Speedball 2, Hired Guns or Battle Squadron.

the set of chips that give the Amiga its unique features:
Paula (sound),
Agnus (memory control),
Denise (graphics)

The CD comes in a neat Super Jewelcase and contains 19 songs (about 79 minutes), five of the recordings being previously unreleased. Its name  Paula Agnus Denise  originates from the three custom chips, that give the Amiga her unique features (second picture on the left). Composers featured on the album include Chris Hülsbeck, Tim Wright, Allister Brimble, David Whittaker, Barry Leitch and many others. Being mainly electronic, the mix of music styles ranges from acoustic, hip-hop and rock to trance, just as in the original games.

Complementing the music, the included 12-pages booklet brings back memories with its screenshots and short descriptions of the featured games.

Track ArtistTitle (Mix)ComposerLength

01 SynchaozHired Guns Medley (Synchaoz Remake)Brian Johnston5:33
02 CoLD SToRAGEShadow of the Beast 3 Game Over (Urban Slide Mix)Tim Wright3:48
03 Chris HülsbeckTurrican 3 Main TitleChris Hülsbeck3:19
04 CoLD SToRAGEShadow of the Beast 2 Title Theme (Oxygene Moon Mix)Tim Wright2:51
05 SynchaozNarcissus (Cannon Fodder Lost in Service · Synchaoz Remix)Jon Hare4:39
06 Allister BrimbleAlien BreedAllister Brimble4:39
07 Fabian Del PrioreApidya Techno Party (Rapture Trance Mix)Chris Hülsbeck3:35
08 Ron KlarenBattle Squadron IntroRon Klaren1:25
09 Char7iePinball Dreams Title (Digital World 2011 Mix)Olof Gustafsson3:57
10 Ramon BraumullerClockwiser TitleRamon Braumuller3:25
11 Danja & MartineAgony Title (Acoustic Jam)Tim Wright4:29
12 Ron KlarenBattle Squadron Game OverRon Klaren2:56
13 daXXShadow of the Beast Title (daXX Orchestra Remix)David Whittaker6:28
14 Bomb the BassMegablast (Xenon 2 Mix)Tim Simenon4:35
15 daXXLotus Turbo Challenge 2 Theme (daXX Remix)Barry Leitch2:34
16 Tomi Jylhä-OllilaTurrican 2 Main TitleChris Hülsbeck7:25
17 Allister BrimbleProject-XAllister Brimble4:50
18 The Zero OneBrutal Deluxe (Speedball 2 Theme Remake)Simon Rogers2:55
19 Chris HülsbeckApidya ThemeChris Hülsbeck5:14

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