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Double-Audio-CD, 26 songs, about 110 minutes

Almost two hours of pure energy and C64 nostalgia, presented in a stylish 2-CD cardbox: The brandnew album 'HOME COMPUTER' of the Commodore 64 tribute rock band PRESS PLAY ON TAPE features 26 tracks (almost exclusively) covering music from legendary C64 games. The included 32 page souvenir booklet shows moments from 10 years of band history.

Quote from the CD booklet: "On this album you'll find a selection of tunes that were first arranged and recorded this way for our 1st album 'LOADING READY RUN' (no longer available). The rest of what you'll find is the result of 10 years of refinement by live-gigs and jamming and also learning to loosen up and play around with the original material: Adding lyrics, creating new parts, changing the feel or tempo of the tune."


CD 1
15 songs,
about 58 minutes
 TitleOriginal AuthorLength

01Man with the GunSøren Trautner Madsen2:42
02Formula 1 SimulatorRob Hubbard3:57
03Olympic FanfareLeo Arnaud0:18
04Winter Games (Hot Dog)David Theilat2:54
05Parappa the Rapper (Toasty Buns)Masaya Matsuura, NanaOn-Sha2:50
06Ghosts'n GoblinsMark Cooksey3:16
07How to Waste This DaySøren Trautner Madsen2:43
08Gods (Into the Wonderful)John Foxx, Shem McCauley, Simon Rogers2:34
09Piece of NoiseSøren Trautner Madsen4:14
10NonterraqueousDavid Dunn2:33
11Zero-GSøren Trautner Madsen, Tim Wright3:45
12Future KnightBen Daglish4:50
13The Human RaceRob Hubbard3:13
14Knuckle BusterRob Hubbard12:07
15LightforceRob Hubbard6:14


11 songs
about 52 minutes

 TitleOriginal AuthorLength

01One Man and His DroidRob Hubbard4:54
02Rambo: First Blood Part IIMartin Galway4:52
03The Last Ninja (The Wilderness)Ben Daglish3:59
04Master of MagicRob Hubbard, Larry Fast4:40
05Aztec ChallengePaul Norman3:24
06ThrustRob Hubbard5:32
07CommandoRob Hubbard3:57
08SanxionRob Hubbard4:47
09Shockway RiderRob Hubbard4:46
10Monty on the RunRob Hubbard5:40
11ZoidsRob Hubbard, Larry Fast5:05

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