Amiga CD 32 repair kit

The Amiga CD 32 is getting on in years and therefore capacitors may give up the ghost. The CD 32 repair kit contains 31 capacitors in 7 different versions which are present in the Amiga CD 32 and can be replaced if necessary.


  • 4x SMD 4,7 uF
  • 4x SMD 10 uF
  • 6x SMD 22 uF
  • 5x SMD 47 uF
  • 9x SMD 100 uF
  • 1x RM5 470 uF
  • 2x RM5 1000 uF

Please note that the exchange of capacitors should be performed by a specialist.

Note: The brand or manufacturer of the capacitors may change and therefore differ from those in the picture.

Product Features

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Amiga CD 32 repair kit