Boot Selector DF0-DF1 for Amiga 500

Boot Selector DF0/DF1 DF1/DF0 Signal SEL0 from SEL1 Amiga 500

New better version with golden PINs and now compatible even with GBA1000.

This device can change your floppy drive from DF0 to DF1 and opposite. By switch the button you can change your internal DF0 into DF1 or you can change your external floppy drive (also Gotek HxC, Gotek Cortex, HxC made by Lotharek) into DF0 and you can boot from your external drive without any problem.

The best option for Gotek and HxC owners who wants to boot games normally from DF1 external, additional floppy drive. Please note you can switch only if Amiga is off.

Switcher should be installed on the right side golden PINs (please see photo) and does not mattter which way you will connect it. It will work anyway. 


  • Board colour: Please choose
  • Board colour: Green
  • Board colour: Blue
  • Board colour: White
  • Board colour: Purple

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Boot Selector DF0-DF1 for Amiga 500

Boot Selector DF0-DF1 for Amiga 500