SPI MasterBus CP Controller

SPI MasterBus CP is an SPI bus controller (Serial Peripheral Interface) designed for the clock port of the Amiga 1200 computer.
The SPI MasterBus CP controller allows connecting various peripherals designed for the SPI bus. It provides a possibility of extending A1200‘s capabilities with SD card readers, RTC modules, ethernet controllers, Flash and EEPROM memories, etc.


  • designed for Amiga A1200’s clock port
  • SPI bus clock speed: between 25 MHz and 195 kHz
  • CPOL, CPHA support
  • SPI Mode 0,1,2,3 support
  • full-duplex data transmission
  • selection of up to 4 devices with Slave Select lines
  • incl. cable and sd reader



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SPI MasterBus CP Controller