RESHOOT R Soundtrack audio CD

Music from the Amiga shoot-em-up RESHOOT R 

11 tracks full of space energy 

German Remix Group, 
Altraz, d4XX 
and more 


01 Ingame AMIWorx Chill and Grill Mix 
02 Ingame Booze & Gamble Radio Edit 
03 Ingame GAS! Escalation Mix 
04 Ingame Mitch van Hayden Hardtrance Remix 
05 Ingame CZ-Tunes Remix 
06 Ingame Dr.Future DRF Remix 
07 Ingame SigmaZeven SIDRMX short 
08 Ingame Original by Altraz 
09 Title screen Original by d4XX and Altraz 
10 Bossfight by d4XX 
11 Credits by Altraz+ 



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RESHOOT R Soundtrack audio CD