SCSI2SD - SCSI to SD adapter

The SCSI2SD is an adapter from SCSI to SD. Two versions are currently available, the V5.2 and the more powerful version 6 Rev 2020c.
Alinea Computer recommends 3,5" Mounting bracket (see below).

About V 5.2 (picture 1):

  • SCSI2SD V5.2 is an evolution of the SCSI2SD V5.1 hardware design, and is based on the same firmware as its predecessors (V5.0 and V5.1)
  • 50-pin SCSI-II connector.
  • SCSI interface card and allows access to an SD card as a fixed storage device.
  • Also compatible with A590 SCSI hard disk controller and GVP a500-hd + Impact II for the Amiga 500.
  • It's also compatible with C64 CMD HD-20 hard disk controllers for C64 (if you have Boot ROM V2.80 and only use 4GB).
  • read / write speeds up to approx. 2.5 MB / s. Supports only asynchronous transfers.
  • Plate dimensions: 10 x 9 x 1.5 cm
  • Compatibility list
About V 6 (picture 2 rev F  and 3 rev 2020d):
  • Narrow 8-bit 50-pin connector. SCSI FAST10 about 10 MB / s synchronous transmissions
  • Full-size SD, up to 32GB sized cards tested
  • Up to 20 MB / s transfer rates
  • USB interface: firmware updates, configuration and mass storage USB 2.0 micro-B. Mass storage at USB 2.0 FS speeds (up to 1.2 MB / s)
  • Power: & nbsp; 5V power via floppy disk 4-pin drive connector, USB or via the SCSI host termination power supply. Maximum 2.35W (500mA)
  • Compatibility list


  • SCSI2SD version: V5.2
  • SCSI2SD version: V 6 Rev 2021b (+ 40,00)


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SCSI2SD - SCSI to SD adapter

SCSI2SD - SCSI to SD adapter
SCSI2SD - SCSI to SD adapter