Wicher CD32 memory expansion

Wicher CD32 is the Amiga CD32-compatible memory card providing up to 11.5 MB FAST RAM (via 16-128 MB SIMM72 modules) and IDE 2,5” hard drive support. It includes ClockPort connector allowing further expansion with additional peripheral devices.

This product is developed for gamers looking for a basic FAST RAM memory expansion capabilities coupled with an IDE hard drive controller.

  • Amiga CD32-compatible
  • RAM characteristics: SIMM72 module (FPM/EDO) 1-8MB or 16-128MB, 50/60ns (SIMM72 memory module sold separately)
  • AmigaOS support for up to 11.5 MB FAST RAM
  • MAPROM function support for 16-128 SIMM72 modules
  • Amiga 600-compatible IDE controller
  • ClockPort connector for additional peripherals

Product Features

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Wicher CD32 memory expansion