Vampire accelerator board

Vampire is a accelerator board for the Amiga 500 or 600. The heart of the Vampire is an Apollo-core FPGA, which can be a code-compatible Motorola M68K processor. The 68080 shown is 3 to 4 times faster than the fastest 68060 at the time (See screenshot, second product picture). In addition, there is a SAGA GFX Core in the system with the Amiga 24 / 32bit Truecolor represent and output via digital output (HDMI) to a TFT monitor.

Faster Amiga CPU ever
Faster than a 68060 at 100MHz, capable of Next Gen workloads (watching movies, listening to digital music, browsing web, etc.)

Digital Video Output
32-Bit HDMI output from RTG and SAGA. You can now plug in your new shiny LCD screen.

User upgradable
Thanks to FPGA technologies, new cores are uploaded directly from your Amiga, giving you new functionalities and performances when they hit the street.

Apollo based accelerators are cost efficient and brings twice as much performance at fraction of the cost of an old accelerator.

Loads of memory
Apollo based accelerators all offers at least 128MB of FastRAM.

Faster storage
Use your preferred storage solution (MicroSD, Compact Flash, etc.) to get fastest amiga experience, up to 11MB/s.

Technical data:
  • Apollo 68080 CPU / FPU - the fastest 68K CPU ever. Power depending on application up to ~ 800MHz 68030 / ~ 400MHz 68040 / ~ 200MHz 68060
  • 128 MB fast memory
  • FastKick (Maprom)
  • SAGA GFX Core: with 24 / 32bit true color and digital monitor output
  • Micro-SDcard for data exchange with camera or PC etc.
  • incl. spacer
2 years warranty


  • Vampire version: Amiga 600 version
  • HDMI cable 30 cm: No
  • HDMI cable 30 cm: Yes (+ 5,99)
  • Mini USB Blaster: No
  • Mini USB Blaster: Yes (+ 7,99)
  • HDMI-Repeater 4K*2K: No
  • HDMI-Repeater 4K*2K: Yes (+ 7,99)

Product Features

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Vampire accelerator board

Vampire accelerator board
Vampire accelerator board
Vampire accelerator board
Vampire accelerator board