RTC battery module for Amiga

Module to replace the rechargeable batteries of the RTC (real time clock) computer as the Amiga 2000, 3000 and 4000 as well as cards that have RTC for Amiga 500, 600 and 1200 as the A501.

It includes a 1N4148 diode to avoid recharging the battery. Should only desoldering the old battery and solder the black cable to the negative and red on the positive plate.

Delivery: battery module + CR2032 battery

Product Features

Hardware suited for ...Hardware suited for ...: Amiga 500/+Amiga 500/+ , Amiga 600Amiga 600 , Amiga 1200Amiga 1200 , Amiga 2000Amiga 2000 , Amiga 3000Amiga 3000 , Amiga 4000Amiga 4000



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RTC battery module for Amiga