Ask Me Up XXL

Ask Me Up XXL is a video game about general knowledge. The principle is quite simple: 1 question, 4 possible answers ... Choose the right one! You know all celebrities' secrets? You can easily put a city on a map. You know who is the first white sprinter to have officially run 100m in under 10 seconds? Or you have no idea about it? In all cases, our quiz is for you and you will learn while having fun! Play alone or with others, share your high scores with your friends, check your statistics to analyze progress ... All this is possible!

The quiz allows you play alone on a series of 10 questions. Answer quickly and efficiently to score 13 points (or more) and unlock new questions. You then win a medal, symbolized by a yellow, orange or red star, depending on the number of scored points. You also get a rank ("baby", "schoolchild", "student", "teacher" or "expert") depending on your rate of success. A map consisting of 4 worlds displays your progress and also that of your friends, including those who live elsewhere because they can provide it to you by mail!

The Cup allows you to face your friends: You can play up to six simultaneously! The competition is divided into five rounds: Loads of points, mad rush, explosive confrontation, moving target and Casino Royale. The rules change therefore throughout the game ... And completely renew the traditional quiz adding action, strategy and bluff!

Ask Me Up, now you know !


  • 1700 questions divided into 16 themes: Sport, People, Literature, Movies, Other, Science, Geography, Entertainment, Nature, French Culture, Environment, Music, History, Politics, Economics and city of Nantes.
  • 16:9 display, HD drawings, designed for 1600x900, management from 1024x768 up to 1920x1080, also 16:10 1680x1050.
  • Use hardware acceleration (Composition mode).
  • Play alone quiz with progressive access to new questions based on performance; progress is represented by a map divided into four worlds: "Country house", "Cocos Islands", "Frozen wastes" and "Sidereal spiral".
  • The Cup for challenging several friends simultaneously (up to six!, two at keyboard, four with joysticks/joypads) in 5 different rounds.
  • Numerous performance indicators: points, success rate, medals (yellow, orange or red), cups, ranks ("baby", "schoolchild", "student", "teacher" or "expert").
  • Very detailed statistics (general, per player, theme, player and theme) and curve representing the evolution of the success rate of the 5 best players.
  • Questions in the form of text, images or slides.
  • Multiple control via keyboard (2 sets of keys), joystick and joypad.
  • Menu music and sound environment, including hilarious buzzers sounds!
  • Available in French, English, Italian, German (45%*), Spanish, Swedish (58%*), Polish (50%*), Portuguese (86%*) and Greek.
  • Dual display of measurement units (miles, yards, feet ...) if English language selected.
  • High scores sharing online and/or with friends.

*: Non translated questions in the language are displayed in English. *


  • AmigaOS® 4.1
  • MorphOS® 3
  • Windows® XP,Vista,7,8,10

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Software works on ...Software works on...: PPC AmigaSoftware läuft auf einem PPC-Amiga (AmigaOS 4.1)


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Ask Me Up XXL

Ask Me Up XXL
Ask Me Up XXL
Ask Me Up XXL
Ask Me Up XXL