The USB LED Fan not only brings fresh air to your desk, it also tricks the human eye by a simple trick and thereby takes care for excitement; by the defined flashing of a row of red LEDs, which are integrated in one of the rotor arms, little messages (max. length: 16 characters each) can be displayed on the spinning rotor. The blinking of the LEDs occur to the (awesome slow) human eye as a solid scripture.
All in all 6 different messages can be stored (consisting of characters, numbers and many special characters), but in case of a disconnect from the USB-port, 3 AAA-Batteries (not included) are needed to save them to the device. The USB LED Fan can also be operated cordless just by using these batteries.
The flexible gooseneck enables you to adjust the fresh breeze exactly to where it is needed.

Technical Information:

Dimensions: Socket: 9,5 x 9,5 x 2,5cm, Length of Gooseneck: 15cm
Length of Power Chord: 1,2m
Power Supply: by USB or batteries 3 * AAA (not included)



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