AmiPhoto v1 download version

AmiPhoto is a photo album for your digital photos and pictures. It's easy handling and attractive GUI will convince you. You can manage up to half a million pictures in 500 albums at the most. You can show the photos on the surface or by multiview. Because of a direct support of the Amiga OS4.0 datatype-system, it is possible to use all picture-formats which exist as datatype. AmiPhoto can further select and show the EXIF-dates of your digital photos.
For adapting perfectly on your workbench-skin, AmiPhotos uses it's own Bitmap-skin-system. The 17 skins you find in the archive will help you to style your AmiPhoto surface. You can certainly create your own skins. We would be proud to present your skin on our website.
AmiPhoto is programmed totaly system friendly. It supports the application library and does not need any additional libraries.
AmiPhoto is only available for AmigaOS 4


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Product Features

Software works on ...Software works on...: PPC AmigaSoftware läuft auf einem PPC-Amiga (AmigaOS 4.1)


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AmiPhoto v1 download version

AmiPhoto v1 download version
AmiPhoto v1 download version
AmiPhoto v1 download version