Freespace - The Great War

As a pilot in the Gallactic Terran Alliance (GTA), you've known the Vasudans as the enemy for a long time. But things are about to change... An unknown menace, with technology beyond both ours and Vasudans, are destroying both sides... And now... Old enemies must unite to fight this common enemy, and the dissenters and traitors on both sides...

Descent: Freespace is a new chapter in space dogfight sims. The graphics are bigger, better, with more weapons and missiles/bombs. The capships in this game are truly HUGE (kilometers long, compared to your puny fighter). It also has true online multiplayer that puts it heads and shoulders above the rest. Take fighters and bombers on attack, recon, escort, and sweep missions against enemy capships and fighters/bombers. Defend your own capships and other assets... Your rating and performance is noted after every mission, with suggestions (if applicable). You can call in reinforcements (if available), and your wingmen actually do fight intelligently, as there can be dozens of fighters flying about.

System Requirements:

  • PPC processor or 68060
  • Grahpics card
  • 3D accelerator (Warp3D)
  • 64 MB RAM
  • 8x CD-ROM drive

or AmigaOS 4 hardware. You can download the AmigaOS 4 version as registered customer at Hyperion Entertainment.


  • 30 singleplayer missions
  • 20 multiplayer missions
  • 30 realtime-calculated ships
  • Impressive locations and scenarios
  • Music mood adapts to game situation
  • Multiplayer support for up to 12 players over LAN or Internet (TCP/IP)
  • Unlimited control over wingmen with strong artificial intelligence
  • Highly configurable user interface
  • English, German and French

Product Features

Software works on ...Software works on...: Classic AmigaSoftware works on classic Amiga , PPC AmigaSoftware läuft auf einem PPC-Amiga (AmigaOS 4.1)


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Freespace - The Great War