Freax Vol.1 (english)

"FREAX" - the biggest book ever written about the history of the computer demoscene. The book of author Tomcat tells the complete history of the Commodore 64 and the Amiga, both about the machines and about the underground subcultures around them, from the cracker- and warez-scene to the demoscene, from hacking and phreaking to the ASCII art scene. Interviews with scene celebrities, former key persons of the computer industry, citations from contemporary magazines and fanzines make the narrative history of the big adventure complete. The book contains 365 pages and is illustrated with 483 color photos and screenshots. This is the comprehensive guide to the golden era of home computers. If you actively witnessed this time the book will make you feel the urge for at least a substitute drug. We highly recommend this book to everybody who would like to learn more about the demo scene.

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Freax Vol.1 (english)