WB Super Games

WB Super Games is a Workbench game collection for AmigaOS 4 which includes 7 different games. LogiLog, Alinearis and Cerebrum guarantee fun for all fans of brain gym. But also action fans will find them enjoyable. They can train themselves with the network games AXO, Memoria, Serpentis and Stoertebeker for one or two players. There is always the option to run other programs while playing, because WB Super Games are executed on the Workbench. So you can control a chat-program for example. Moreover, all games are developed to use minimal resources, so that there is still enough system performance for other applications running at the same time.

The collection was developed especially for AmigaOS 4 PPC-native. It does not need any additional libraries or SDL.

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Software works on ...Software works on...: PPC AmigaSoftware läuft auf einem PPC-Amiga (AmigaOS 4.1)


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WB Super Games