Amiga 500 Clockport Adapter

With the Amiga 500 clock port adapter v1 (revision A)you can equip your Amiga 500, 1000 or 2000 with 2 buffered clock ports.

An adaptation of the drivers is often not necessary here, as many newer extensions already take these ports into account. Port 0 is compatible with the original Amiga 1200 clock port (address $d80001), while port 1 is compatible with the Zorro-IV board (address $d84001).

Overview of the various clock port devices tested and their function on the individual ports:

Device Port 0 Port 1
RapidRoad USB works works
Subway USB works works
Prisma Megamix works works
Delfina Flipper works works
Delfina 1200 works works
Prelude 1200 works works
MP3@64 works works
Silver Surfer works works
SPI MasterBus works works
Melody 1200 works Not work
VS1011 Card works Not work
RTC Not work Not work

2 years warranty

Product Features

Hardware suited for ...Hardware suited for ...: Amiga 1000Amiga 1000 , Amiga 500/+Amiga 500/+ , Amiga 2000Amiga 2000



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Amiga 500 Clockport Adapter