Switchless Boot Selector for Amiga 500

With the switchless boot selector you can change the boot priority of the floppy drives on the Amiga 500 without having to press a switch on the boot selector. This is useful, for example, if a Gotek is used as a second drive (DF1) and games are to be loaded from there via the USB stick.

However, most Boot Selectors work with switches that are connected to the Boot Selector with a cable and then have to be led out of the housing. With the switchless boot selector, the switching of the boot priority is controlled either by pressing the reset keys (Ctrl+left Amiga + right Amiga) of the Amiga three times or for four seconds. Furthermore, the switchless switching protects the chips 520 (Even CIA) or 5719 (GARY) on the Amiga, because they can be damaged by switching during the transfer of data.

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Switchless Boot Selector for Amiga 500