Wicher 520EC accelerator for Amiga 500

The Wicher 520EC is an Amiga 500/+ compatible accelerator with a 25 Mhz (up to 33 Mhz possible) clocked 68EC020 processor, 11 MB Fast RAM (via fast SDRAM memory) and a 2.5 inch IDE port.

In addition, an SPI bus board is included, on which a network module and a micro SD card slot are located. Both can be controlled via the drivers supplied.

  • AmigaA500/A500+ compatibility ,
  • CPU support: MC68EC020 (recycled processor),
  • supported CPU clock speeds: 25, 33 MHz,
  • guaranteed to run at 25 MHz,
  • ram memory: 16MB SDRAM (AmigaOS uses 11MB),
  • Amiga A600-compatible IDE controller (required Kickstart >= 2.05 (37.350)),
  • MapRom, BootRom function,
  • SPI controller, RTC,
  • Kickstart: recommended Kickstart 3.1 or up,
SPI BusBoard
  • MINI ENC28J60 Ethernet module,
  • MicroSD card slot
  • SD Card
  • DS1306 RTC
  • ENC28J60 Ethernet

Product Features

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Wicher 520EC accelerator for Amiga 500

Wicher 520EC accelerator for Amiga 500