AmigaOS 3.2

Das AmigaOS 3.2 ist die neueste Version des Amiga-Betriebssystems für den klassichen Amiga Computer mit 68k-Prozessor.

Es ist für Amiga 1000, 500, 600, 1200, 2000, 3000, 3000T, 4000, 4000T, CD32 und CDTV auf CD-Rom verfügbar. Physikalische Kickstart-ROMs (bis zu 3 Stück, bei mehr bitte anfragen) sowie die Install Diskette oder auch die vorkonfigurierte CF-Karte sind optional und können hinzugebucht werden (siehe oben).

AmigaOS 3.2 kommt vollgepackt mit weit über 100 neuen Funktionen, dutzenden von Updates und Bugfixes, die fast alle AmigaOS-Komponenten abdecken. AmigaOS 3.2 ist das Ergebnis von mehr als 2 Jahren intensiver und unermüdlicher Arbeit eines Teams von über 60 Personen, um einen neuen Meilenstein in der AmigaOS-Geschichte zu setzen.

Die CD-Rom der AmigaOS 3.2 enthält alle Disketten und AmigaOS-Kickstart-ROMs für alle jemals produzierten Amiga-Maschinen. So kann der Amiga-Benutzer AmigaOS 3.2 auf viele verschiedenen Amigas gleichzeitig installieren, ohne weitere Lizenzen erwerben zu müssen.


  • Amiga Computer oder Emulationsumgebung (wie WINUA, EUAE)
  • Mindestens Kickstart 3.1 / oder höher (3.1.4). Kickstart ROM 3.2 (empfohlen, da geringste Bootzeit und geringster Speicherverbrauch)
  • 2 MB Gesamtspeicher (Chip-Ram + Fast-Ram). Sollten Sie kein physisches Kickstart-ROM 3.2 verwenden, dann wird insgesamt 2,5 MB Gesamtspeicher benötigt
  • 10 MB freier Festplattenspeicher

Merkmale (Vorerst nur in englischer Sprache verfügbar)


  • The incorporation of the ReAction GUI Toolkit not only opens up a plethora of existing applications for AmigaOS 3.2 users, it also ensures much easier portability and cross-development between different versions of AmigaOS
  • No additional installation required, it just works, even on low-end 68000 systems
  • A new multi-file text editor called "TextEdit" is included as a show-case
  • ReAction has its own Preferences editor which lets you set backfilled patterns for ReAction based programs
  • Fresh and bug fixed Classes backport from AmigaOS 4.x with many exclusive characteristics and brushed up aesthetics


  • DAControl & trackfile.device provide unprecedented functionality, as they enable users to create, mount, insert and eject ADF files
  • ADF images are handled just like any physical floppy disk
  • On "Workbench" you can mount an ADF image by double-clicking on it
  • ADF handling can be accomplished via Shell through the use of an extensive set of available options
  • Accessing such mounted ADF disk image files is fast and requires very little memory
  • Multiple ADF disk images can be mounted at the same time
  • A shared cache system is available in order to speed up ADF operations


  • A complete "Reference Manual" covers all commands and most complex topics
  • An AmigaGuide based central "Help hub" is available by simply pressing the HELP key
  • The Help database can be quickly queried from the Shell/CLI
  • Preferences and many other programs contain Help menu items
  • In the WBStartup folder, MenuTools adds the "Help" menu item to the "Tools" menu but can be customized to add other Tools as well


  • New AIFF uncompressed audio data type
  • New GIF image data type
  • New WAV audio data type
  • New JPEG picture data type
  • New PNG multi-platform image data type
  • New BMP data type for Windows/OS2 bitmap images
  • New Icon.datatype enables use of ".info" files as images
  • New ACBM picture data type (used in AmigaBASIC & SpectraPaint)
  • The AmigaGuide data type can now display inline images
  • Text data type with search functionality
  • Faster and more configurable CDXL and ANIM data types
  • Sound.datatype manages bit rate samples of 8, 16, 24 and 32 bit
  • Picture.datatype is now stunningly fast even on low-end 68000 processors


  • Resize windows from any border
  • Window iconification
  • Workbench title bar customization
  • Maximize a window by holding down the SHIFT key and clicking on the window zoom gadget
  • The [ESC] key quits easy requesters
  • Scalable "GadTools" user interface adapting to different font sizes
  • Workbench menu "Open volume"
  • Menu Window -> Sort Order (Forward or Reverse)
  • Off-Screen windows is a built-in default that is now configurable
  • Scrollers and sliders now feature 3D-style embossed knobs and a darker container background
  • Newer Look menus: Palette Prefs "Menu Bright Edges" + "Menu Dark Edges"
  • Newer Look menus: sub-menu indicator changed from "»" to a black filled triangle
  • Newer Look menus: checkmark glyph replaced by a black filled circle in mutually-exclusive options
  • Workbench Prefs defines drawer placing in text mode


  • Interactive partition "Mounter"
  • "Find" allows you to quickly search for file names or file content
  • "ShowConfig" now has aesthetically pleasing user interface and displays AutoConfig hardware in a human readable form
  • HDToolBox can now operate from read-only media if needed


  • Configurable TAB autocompletion
  • Ability to drop icons into Shell windows
  • Shell error redirection
  • "Execute" is now an internal Shell command
  • "History" is a new internal Shell command
  • Shell operators && and || for AND plus concatenation operations
  • A debug variable sends executed commands to the serial port
  • Shell-startup has been adjusted for easier customization


  • C:Eval properly groups operations
  • C:Copy gains a FORCE option to overwrite targets
  • C:SetDate can copy the date FROM a file
  • C:List provides FLAT, SORT, USERS, GROUP, LFORMATQUOTE options
  • C:Mount SHUTDOWN attempts to shutdown handlers
  • C:Assign incorporated DENIED and DISMOUNT switches
  • C:Type supports AUTO, TEXTONLY, WIDTH and BUFFER options
  • C:Reboot restarts your Amiga but waits for any ongoing write operations to prevent validation issues
  • C:Group and C:Owner commands added for networked environments
  • C:MD5Sum calculates and compares checksums of files and volumes
  • C:MountInfo command helps in the creation of MountLists
  • C:Break and C:ChangeTaskPri NAME handle wildcards options
  • C:DefIcons identifies files and applies a default icon to them
  • C:AssignWedge allows users to create or deny an assign on the fly
  • C:LoadMonDrvs simplifies and quickly starts monitor drivers.


  • Custom printer output device and unit number
  • WBPattern has layout options for Backdrops, Screens and Windows which include both color and dithering
  • PointerPrefs has been overhauled to support 40 different pointer types
  • Font Preferences comes with Shadow and Outline font options
  • IControl received a massive makeover which introduced new functionality such as Window and screen border aspect ratios customization


  • A new "Edit/Paste" menu item opens the contents of clipboard unit 0 (thus complementing "Edit/Copy")
  • The "About" window now reports the width, height and depth of the currently displayed picture or animation
  • The names of ARexx scripts for user menus can now be up to 40 characters long and may contain "spaces"
  • Pressing the [Shift] key while the "Save as..." menu item is selected, forces MultiView to save the displayed document in IFF format
  • Now lists pattern matching in its ASL requester that, if removed, can also display icons (useful in conjunction with the new icon.datatype)


  • "RAWBInfo" is an improved replacement of the icon information tool
  • "AsyncWB" is an AmigaOS Workbench enhancement Commodity with divers functionality
  • "AutoPoint" KEEPSTRINGS prevents this Commodity from automatically stealing focus from a window with an active string gadget
  • "ClickToFront" TOBACK_QUALIFIER selects a qualifier for sending windows back (with a single click)
  • "ClickToFront" no longer brings Workbench windows to the front when double-clicking on an icon
  • "NumericPad" allows numeric pad keys to be remapped to the standard keyboard
  • The "AutoArrangeIcons" Commodity-like set of scripts automates the ordering and snapshot of icons in the active window


  • An option to trace the Startup-sequence line by line is now available
  • The user can disable ROM Module updates by clicking on a gadget
  • The hardware expansion screen displays expansion board addresses and sizes
  • A new option to redirect serial port output to a file is available with the "Enable System Log" option
  • The "Failsafe" boot gadget starts the Amiga in a robust and safe environment to carry out maintenance and troubleshooting tasks
  • More keyboard shortcuts for the majority of options
  • Displays AmigaOS Kickstart version numbers


  • Support for storage media bigger than 4 GB
  • Modernized AmigaOS Workbench
  • DiskDoctor for disk diagnostic and salvage operations
  • Native support for pipes, softlinks, hardlinks and long filenames
  • CrossDOS supporting FAT 32 and long filenames
  • CD-ROM file system that supports Rockridge and Joliet extensions as well as UDF and now also Macintosh HFS
  • Both FFS (FastFileSystem) and the CD-ROM file system are now smarter, faster, and multi-threaded
  • Fully reworked and bug-fixed printer drivers
  • Built-in GlowIcons support as an installable option
  • More than 2100 icons in GlowIcon style included on the AmigaOS 3.2 CD-ROM


  • The distribution AmigaOS 3.2 CD-ROM contains ADF disk images that can be transferred to physical floppy disks or Gotek-type drives
  • All Modules disks perform as emergency boot disks too
  • The DiskDoctor disk can help users to quickly get back on their feet when facing disk failures
  • The AmigaOS 3.2 CD-ROM content can be copied "as is" to an Amiga formatted hard drive and booted right away for installation thanks to the "Amiga Preinstallation Environment" (AmigaPE)
  • All Amiga model disks and AmigaOS Kickstart ROM set images are available on the AmigaOS 3.2 CD-ROM
  • Attractive printable labels are available for all your favorite AmigaOS 3.2 storage media variants (AmigaOS 3.2 CD-ROM version only)
  • Experimental CD-ROM-based Amiga CDTV and Amiga CD32 support


  • Wheel mouse support for scrolling on AmigaOS Workbench windows
  • IPrefs stacks multiple changes and refreshes the screen only once
  • IPrefs points out names of blocking windows when refreshing
  • No more DF0:???? icons as disk.resource now does proper checking
  • Increased ROM Modules flexibility by loading more modules from disk without requiring an additional reboot for them
  • "HappyENV/ENV-Handler" functionality reimplementation incorporated
  • No more MaxTransfer values required for built-in Commodore and other well-known hardware controllers from various manufacturers
  • "Installer" is more compatible with previous AmigaOS versions
  • Multiple input events are supported by input.device
  • Two new alerts report module issues for easier system diagnosis
  • New API features for developers
  • Optional generic processor support libraries for 68K CPU boards


  • Physikalisches Kickstart ROM: keines
  • Physikalisches Kickstart ROM: Amiga 500/600/2000 (+¤ 9,99)
  • Physikalisches Kickstart ROM: Amiga 1200 (Beide Roms) (+¤ 9,99)
  • Physikalisches Kickstart ROM: Amiga 3000 (Beide Roms) (+¤ 9,99)
  • Physikalisches Kickstart ROM: Amiga 4000D (Beide Roms) (+¤ 9,99)
  • Physikalisches Kickstart ROM: Amiga 4000T (Beide Roms) (+¤ 9,99)
  • Physikalisches Kickstart ROM: Amiga CD TV (Experimental) (+¤ 9,99)
  • Physikalisches Kickstart ROM: Amiga CD32 (Experimental) (+¤ 9,99)
  • Physikalisches Kickstart ROM 2: Keines
  • Physikalisches Kickstart ROM 2: Amiga 500/600/2000 (+¤ 9,99)
  • Physikalisches Kickstart ROM 2: Amiga 1200 (Beide Roms) (+¤ 9,99)
  • Physikalisches Kickstart ROM 2: Amiga 3000 (Beide Roms) (+¤ 9,99)
  • Physikalisches Kickstart ROM 2: Amiga 4000D (Beide Roms) (+¤ 9,99)
  • Physikalisches Kickstart ROM 2: Amiga 4000T (Beide Roms) (+¤ 9,99)
  • Physikalisches Kickstart ROM 2: Amiga CD TV (Experimental) (+¤ 9,99)
  • Physikalisches Kickstart ROM 2: Amiga CD32 (Experimental) (+¤ 9,99)
  • Physikalisches Kickstart ROM 3: keines
  • Physikalisches Kickstart ROM 3: Amiga 500/600/2000 (+¤ 9,99)
  • Physikalisches Kickstart ROM 3: Amiga 1200 (Beide Roms) (+¤ 9,99)
  • Physikalisches Kickstart ROM 3: Amiga 3000 (Beide Roms) (+¤ 9,99)
  • Physikalisches Kickstart ROM 3: Amiga 4000D (Beide Roms) (+¤ 9,99)
  • Physikalisches Kickstart ROM 3: Amiga 4000T (Beide Roms) (+¤ 9,99)
  • Physikalisches Kickstart ROM 3: Amiga CD TV (Experimental) (+¤ 9,99)
  • Physikalisches Kickstart ROM 3: Amiga CD32 (Experimental) (+¤ 9,99)
  • Vorkonfigurierte CF-Karte: keine
  • Vorkonfigurierte CF-Karte: 8 GB SanDisk (+¤ 16,95)
  • Vorkonfigurierte CF-Karte: 16 GB SanDisk (+¤ 22,95)
  • AOS Installations-Diskette: Nein
  • AOS Installations-Diskette: Ja (+¤ 3,00)
  • Kickstart Rom Adapter für Amiga 500 Rev 5: Nein
  • Kickstart Rom Adapter für Amiga 500 Rev 5: Ja (+¤ 9,99)


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AmigaOS 3.2

AmigaOS 3.2
AmigaOS 3.2
AmigaOS 3.2
AmigaOS 3.2