Amiga 1200 Gayle adapter

The Amiga 1200 Gayle Adapter (Revision E) is a hardware that fixes all the bugs found in the Gayle chip and also works elegantly with certain hardware solutions. Besides the well-known PCMCIA reset fix, the extension includes a PCMCIA LED (CN2), a keyboard reset (CN3) as well as a dedicated clock port (only usable with the appropriate driver of the clock port hardware, see list below). It also works perfectly with the 4-way clockport expander (picture 4) in the Revison G and the FastATA from Elbox. This makes it the first and only adapter that combines all these bug fixes and functions.


  • Includes all known fixes of the Gayle chip (PCMCIA reset fix, PCMCIA LED (CN2), keyboard reset (CN3))
  • Additional clock port on top (can only be used with appropriate clock port hardware drivers, see list below)
  • Works with 4 way clockport expander (picture 4) as well as FastATA controller from Elbox

The clock port of the adapter

The fully buffered clock port on the Gayle adapter (CN5) is not compatible with the clock port on the Amiga 1200. Custom drivers are needed as the port uses different address (A12-A15) and data lines (D8-D15).

Overview of the different clockport devices tested on the clockport of the Gayle adapter:

Device Driver Function
Silver Surfer silversurfer.device works
Subway USB subway_a600.device works
RapidRoad USB - not work
RTC - not work
MP3@64 - not work
Prisma Megamix - not work
Delfina Flipper - not work
Delfina 1200 - not work
Prelude 1200 - not work
Melody 1200 - not work
VS1011 Card - not work
SPI Masterbus - not work

Note: Not all functioning units in a system necessarily harmonise with each other. In addition, the simultaneous operation of several extensions can significantly affect the device line.

2-year warranty

Product Features

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Amiga 1200 Gayle adapter

Amiga 1200 Gayle adapter
Amiga 1200 Gayle adapter
Amiga 1200 Gayle adapter