Turrican - Orchestral Selections Deluxe Limited Edition Box Set

Turrican - Orchestral Selections Deluxe Limited Edition Box Set
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Deluxe Limited Edition Box Set with double vinyl in gatefold sleeve, CD and bonus album on CD.
The double vinyl and CD feature tracks from all three Amiga Turrican games. Arranged for full orchestra and professionally recorded and mastered.
The bonus album "Rise Of The Machine" is created on the Amiga with the classic TFMX Sound Tool. Meant as if it was created for an imaginary Turrican 4 game in 1994.


Composed by Chris Huelsbeck
Performed by the Norrkping Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Eckehard Stier


CD and Vinyl:
Shoot Or Die (Turrican)
Mountain Madness (Turrican)
Techno Dungeon (Turrican)
Victory (Turrican)
Metal Stars (Turrican II)
Mr. Walker And His Factory (Turrican II)
Payment Day (Turrican 3)
Factory Action (Turrican 3)
Air Combat (Turrican 3)
Credits (Turrican 3)

Bonus CD:
Rise Of The Machine (Main Title)
Cutscene (Loader)
Vintage Village (Stage 1)
Lair Despair (Stage 1 Boss)
Alien Jungle (Stage 2)
Bren In The Mirror (Stage 2 Boss)
Wellenreiter (Stage 3-1)
Deep Blue (Stage 3-2)
Secret Sewers (Hidden Stage)
Drown With The Sickness (Stage 3 Boss)
Under Siege (Stage 4)
Mech My Day! (Stage 4 Boss) 
Mind Killer (Final Boss)
Full Of Stars (High Score)
We Rise And Fall (End Title)
Back To Battle (Turrican II - The Orchestral Album Bonus)
Rising High (Kickstarter Campaign Demo)
Wellenreiter (C64 Version) 
Rise Of The Machine (C64 Version) 

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