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Products description

RESHOOT R is available as :PURE Edition and SIGNATURE Edition. The PURE Edition includes the game on CD-ROM and a printed manual, the SIGNATURE Edition has the game on CD-ROM, with a printed manual that has the making-of Special and the soundtrack on a separate audio CD. The Audio CD soundtrack is also available separately.

RESHOOT R is a 2D horizontal Shoot'em-Up in the style of those great arcade classics Silkworm, R-Type and Gradius.

  • Developed and programmed by industry veteran Richard Löwenstein
  • Plays to the performance capabilities of the Amiga CD32, 1200 and 4000
  • Five themed arenas in elaborately designed retro design
  • Exciting attack waves and boss fights
  • Extra weapons and power-ups
  • Multi-level scrolling, up to 100 objects on screen
  • 50 Hertz refresh rate ensures constant high-speed
  • More than 400 colours on screen
  • Thrilling soundtrack and SFX play simultaneously
  • Locally stored highscore list and additional Internet ranking option
  • Runs on standard hardware of the A1200, A4000 and CD32, no add-ons required
  • Tested on Amiga systems with 68020, 68030, 68040 and 68060 CPUs
System Requirements
  • Amiga 1200, Amiga 4000 or CD32
  • Joystick or CD32 compatible pad
  • 2 MB chip memory, more memory supported
  • Runs on compatible Amiga emulators on Windows, Mac and Linux

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